Pix Release

Pix sounds familiar to pi but it is quite different because it stands for pacman extended or extra which is supported by many more applications which Pi can’t do. So, Our team has been trying to create this function in case users want to install some apps which our OS officially support yet.

After you installed pix or you are in pix version, you still can use pi as normal.

In this document, The details about what pix will be provided to all users. First thing first, As pix is just released we have to install it by following the steps below:

Here is the command to install pix source:

curl -s https://repo.koompi.org/script/pix.sh -o pix && chmod +x pix && sudo mv pix /usr/bin

Please make sure you write it down correctly in Konsole. If you do not know anything about the Konsole Click here.

We are recommending you to copy and paste, which makes the command is in correction always.

If you have already installed the sources of pix, you can update it by the command below:

pix update 

Here is the command that is providing, In case your pi command has been error or unknown, you can get it back with pix command, too:

pix -i pi

What pix can do?

Pix is making the impossible possible. You can see all the command by run:


Check Available Apps

In pix version, you can check all the Applications that allow to be downloaded with flag l(Stand for listing).

pix -l

Output for current State:

NO             APPLICATION           INSTALL                      REMOVE     

1              adobe-acrobat-xi      pix -i adobe-acrobat-xi      pix -r adobe-acrobat-xi     
2              adobe-photoshop-cc    pix -i adobe-photoshop-cc    pix -r adobe-photoshop-cc   
3              asc-timetables        pix -i asc-timetables        pix -r asc-timetables       
4              chinese-support       pix -i chinese-support       pix -r chinese-support      
5              flutter               pix -i flutter               pix -r flutter              
6              ios-support           pix -i ios-support           pix -r ios-support          
7              khmer-typing          pix -i khmer-typing          pix -r khmer-typing         
8              koompi-academy        pix -i koompi-academy        pix -r koompi-academy       
9              koompi-themes         pix -i koompi-themes         pix -r koompi-themes        
10             master-pdf-editor5    pix -i master-pdf-editor5    pix -r master-pdf-editor5   
11             ms-office-2013        pix -i ms-office-2013        pix -r ms-office-2013       
12             pi                    pix -i pi                    pix -r pi  

Update PIX

As you can see it has already been told how to update after you installed PIX Source, but here again the command:

pix u

If your pix had not already up to date, it would have not shown like below.

[ok] No Problems Found.

Dependencies Found:     2
Dependencies Missing:   0

No app updates available.


In the version of PIX, you can install and remove by put i and r after pix.

pix i <App_Name>
pix r <App_NAME>

Sample for install/remove Microsoft Office 2013:

pix i ms-office-2013 
pix r ms-office-2013