Latest Version

On April 26, 2020, We have released a new ISO version for KOOMPI OS (the built number: 202004) with many new cool features and even the bugs have been fixed. We have been working very hard to push out the OTA update. If you are curious about this new version, you can download and install the ISO with the link that has been providing below. However, If you don’t know how to set up it, you can come to the KOOMPI Office for installation anytime you are free.

What’s New

– Theme Manager can manage your look and feel and desktop layouts. Now, We have 6 desktop looks: (KOOMPI DARK, KOOMPI LIGHT, KOOMPI MOSX DARK, KOOMPI MOSX LIGHT, KOOMPI WINX DARK, KOOMPI WINX LIGHT)

–Printer drivers are preinstalled, so you can just plug and play all models of printers that support the open-source world.

– Touch-pad supports up to 4 fingers-gestures both swiping and pinching.

– Several mandatory communication apps are preinstalled such as (Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger,Zoom)

– Pix is also preinstalled, so from now on you can get new updates, extend features, apply system patches easily.

– Dolphin, the File Manager, now supports Google Drives natively.

– Xtreme Download Manager is capable of downloading anything at maximum speed, like IDM does, yet it’s free and open-source.

– TeamViewer is also preinstalled, so we can offer you better support no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. KOOMPI team will help you out easily.

Bug Fixes

– Discover, the app store, is now very fast, so you can install, remove, and update applications easily.

– Master PDF Editor is working perfectly now.

– Linux kernel 5.6 gives you better performance as well as the best security.

– No more error with PulseAudio

– No more error of pi error