KOOMPI Robotic Program


Why Robotic Program?

Our program aims to foster peer-to-peer learning, promote creativity and develop social cognitive skills. Students will engage in more open-ended activities to inquire and experience mathematical and programming concepts. As a self-guided learning platform, we focus on inspiring and encouraging young students to learn, explore, and build new innovative solutions for the future. Their participation will boost their abilities in critical thinking, problem solving, independent learning and teamwork.


About Program

Software Development

Robotic Program's Software will be based on Scratch, a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

how does it work

Hardware Development

Focuses on both electronic and Mechanic design, Robotic program's hardware will inspire children to start engaging with programming, science, electronics by building, programming and observing it.

how does it work


The curriculum designs purposely for the elementary and middle school students. Students will learn through video tutorials and show their understanding through quizzes and hands-on projects.

Who is this for?


For elementary school

The curriculum and the robot is kid-friendly. We hope they are interested and will spark their curiosities.


For middle school

Students will learn the foundation to programming, robotics and electronics which involves more technical tools.

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