On Open-source software most applications are installed through Aur that contain app package.So, Here are the details for installing and removing packages details.

Installing Packages

Follow the following command to install a signal package including the dependencies:

 pi -S <Package name> or pi -i <Package name>

For the list of packages installation:

 pi -S <Package name1 Package name2 ...>

Installing Package Group

Some packages belong to a group of packages that simultaneously call installation. As in here, for instance

 pi -S <Package group name>

To see what inside the package group, run

 pi -Sg <Package group name>

Removing Packages

A package is always installed with other packages that it depends on, called dependencies. Quite often those dependencies are already, or partially installed on your system because other packages also depend on it.

If you just want to remove the package, the command following will be enough

 pi -R <Package name>

If you rather want to avoid a cluttered system you can remove a package and its dependencies, without removing dependencies that are used by other installed packages, use the following command.

 pi -Rs <Package name>

To remove a package, its dependencies and all the packages that depend on the target package

 pi -Rsc <Package name>

For deleting a package that other packages need without deleting their dependency package

 pi -Rdd <Package name>

All operations have required a password. Then if you aren’t satisfied with the build tool and configuration choices, you can eject at any time. This command will remove the single build dependency from your operation.

Here Special usage to automate the install procedure (Recommend):

 yes | pi -S <Package name> 

Install packages with no confirm.

 pi -S --noconfirm <Package name>