Music Player Apps

Not many music platform or apps can be installed in open-source system. Music platform companies are focusing on mobile app. We recommend you guy to use mobile apps or on browser, but if you guy want to install in desktop. Here is some apps that we can install in open-source world.

This document is containing only apps that possibly to install in the OS, If you want to install other apps beside the infomation we are providing, it is impossible.

Beside, Our team makes sure to do everything they can to produce more. If you have any suggestions for us feel free to drop in our contact media.

Music App Names Installing Commands Details
Audacity pi -S audacity Click for more
Babe pi -S babe Click for more
Deepin Music pi -S deepin-music Click for more
Picard pi -S picard-git Click for more
Spotify pi -S spotify Click for more
Elisa pi -S elisa Click for more