Social Media Apps

As the social media platform has been the most powerful application which not only for communication but also for gathering a lot of information around everywhere in the world. Even they have been developed by many different companies but still focus on one main point that makes the users stay connected.

So in this section, we are going to introduce many social platforms and a little details about them.

Here is the list chart on the Media apps plus command to install them.

Social Media Names Installing Commands Details
Dingtalk pi -S dingtalk Click for more
Discord pi -S discord Click for more
Kodi pi -S kodi Click for more
Popcorn Time pi -S popcorntime Click for more
Messenger pi -S caprine Click for more
Microsoft Team pi -S teams Click for more
Teamviewer pi -S teamviewer Click for more
Telegram pi -S telegram-desktop Click for more
Zoom pi -S zoom Click for more