Graphic Editor Apps

As we all know that graphic editor is one of the common apps for the demand of editing the images whether they are digital photographs, traditional photo-chemical photographs, or illustrations. So, Here is the document that describes and provides more info and an app for using.

Please, make sure you have already updated your system with this command “pi -Syu”.

Chart list of Graphic Editors:

Graphic Editor Names Installing Commands Details
Darktable pi -S darktable Click for more
Digikam pi -S digikam Click for more
GIMP pi -S gimp Click for more
Inkscape pi -S inkscape Click for more
Krita pi -S krita Click for more
Pinta pi -S pinta Click for more
Photoshop pix -i adope-photoshop-cc Click for more
RawTherapee pi -S rawtherapee Click for more