Document Apps

In this part of the whole documentation is talking about the information which is related to document Apps that can be downloaded in this OS with the highly supported in system.

And we are going to recommen all of you to use which apps that is very suitable for your system and even your work.

If you have questions about the anything, you can check it here for the answers. If you want to submit any new question you can sub up to us.

In this chart list below is all the Name with commands installation of Docs(Worksheets):

Document Applicantion Names Installing Commands Details
Libre Office pi -S libreoffice-fresh Click for more
Master PDF Editor 4 pi -S masterpdfeditor-free Click for more
Master PDF Editor 5 pi -S masterpdfeditor Click for more
Okular pi -S okular Click for more
Simplenote pi -S simplenote-electron-bin Click for more
WPS Office pi -S wps-office Click for more

Updated on 05 Jan 2020