The following steps that connected with applicantions are stored here to help you. If you don’t know konsole at all, we strongly suggest you learn more about it by following this great documentation for beginners in the Basic Command section.

Before, You install any applications, you have to make sure your system is already up to date. If you haven’t done it, you must do it.

In order to update your system, you have to run this command below in the konsole:

pi -Syu

In order to install the applications in KOOMPI OS, You must know the keyword’s names of each apps. And here is the form of the command for installing the applications:

pi -S Package_Name

If you wish to remove any applications from your PC, you will need to use this command:

 pi -Rn Package_Name

For automatic command to accept all the requiring requests have been given:

yes | Command to install or remove

Down here are the samples for you:

yes | pi -S brave
yes | pi -Rn brave

This auto command can do on both install and remove command.

This auto command is working on only some apps.